FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is U.S. Custom Kids?

U.S. Custom Kids is a custom product marketplace where Graphic Artists and Vendors design and sell products such as t-shirts and stickers.

Does U.S. Custom Kids print t-shirts?

U.S. Custom Kids prints t shirts by methods of DTG direct to garment, Heat Transfer, and Screen Printing.

Will my order be printed by U.S. Custom Kids?

All designs created by U.S. Custom Kids will be printed by U.S. Custom Kids. Any design created by our users and graphic artists will also be printed by U.S. Custom Kids. This applies to t-shirts and stickers orders only. Any other product may be printed by one of our hand picked vendors.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Orders printed by U.S. Custom Kids are usually printed and shipped within 24 hours. The ship time can be delayed due to increased orders, equipment failure, inventory, or holidays and weekends and many other circumstances. If the seller is anyone other than U.S. Custom Kids you can find their shipping times on the profile page of the vendor.

Why does U.S. Custom Kids allow vendors?

U.S. Custom Kids is committed to bringing you the coolest t-shirt designs on the internet. We also want you to be able to buy those same designs on multiple products. Other vendors have a wide selection of great designs and we want them all to be here in one store. Our focus is on the customer experience.

What if I have a question about a product?

Each product page has a Product Inquiry tab where you can send an instant message to the seller of that product. If you have trouble communicating with a vendor please contact U.S. Custom Kids at 888-653-9222 so we can check for you. U.S. Custom Kids expects all vendors to reply to messages within 24 hours. If the listed seller is U.S. Custom Kids you can call us for a quick answer or submit the product inquiry to get an answer.

Does U.S. Custom Kids allow T-Shirt Designers to sell designs?

Yes, absolutely! We want your creativity to be showcased on our site. Sign up in the vendor section as a graphic artist and use our designer and clip art to create great designs customers will love. Already have a library of designs? Upload them to our designer and have them printed on our t-shirt selection. Earn commission every time we fulfill an order with your design! Most designs are fed to other marketplaces like Amazon, and you still get commission no matter where we sell your product. You own your designs and you can delete them at any time. If you want easy passive income then create your store here.

Can Graphic Artists who use Printful sign up?

Absolutely! We would love to see your Printful designs selling on our site. You just have to be available for any customer service questions through emails and messages.

U.S. Custom Kids – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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